Beanie Boos: ALTERNATE ENDING for Alexander Graham Bell GEICO Commercial

By | January 10, 2020

This commercial is NOT MINE. ALL OF THE CREDIT goes to GEICO.
No copyright infringement is intended. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

FUN SCAVENGER HUNT – Try to find Annabelle in every video! If you found her type in the comment section “#FoundAnnabelle”.

This is a video Wolfiliciousowl and her mom filmed featuring the Beanie Boos:

Whiskers – (Gray dog with fluffy white eyebrows and beard as Alexander Graham Bell),
Larry – (Male Lynx TANGLED in the ropes of the hot-air-balloon), Buckwheat – (Female Lynx INSIDE the hot-air-balloon),
Tucker – (German shepherd dog),
Annabelle – (Yellow and pink cat), and
an audience consisting of Beanie Boo zebras and Beanie Boo cats.

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