Beyond the Mound, a film by Safeco Insurance

By | August 20, 2019

What makes Safeco Field one of the best ballparks in baseball? Here’s a hint: look beyond the mound. Longtime Vice President of Marketing Kevin Martinez takes you behind the scenes to see what makes Safeco Field so special.

Safeco Field is home to the Seattle Mariners baseball team, but it’s also been a second home to Vice President of Marketing Kevin Martinez for 23 seasons. When it comes to the ballpark, Kevin’s goal at the end of the day is to bring fans closer to the action and celebrate the traditions of the game — especially northwestern traditions.

And without him and the pride of northwesterners, Safeco Field just wouldn’t be the same.

Constantly rated one of the top ballparks in the country, Safeco Field and its staff are dedicated 24/7 365 to baseball. So for them, supporting the stadium you know and love is just second nature. For all of us here at Safeco Insurance, we’re proud to stand behind them.

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