Cheap car insurance. Top 15 ways to save money today on car insurance.

By | May 9, 2020

Cheap Car Insurance – I discuss the top 15 Tips to save money on your car insurance today. You can implement them and start saving money today. Here is a list of all 15:
1- Don’t buy Gap Insurance from a car dealer- get it from your insurance agent
2- Don’t assume you already have the lowest rate.
3- Don’t buy a new car until you get an insurance quote do you want to make sure you can afford it.
4- Do let your agent know if you are married or what your occupation is. If you are a doctor nurse engineer or teacher you will probably qualify for a discount
5- Do ask your agent if they have a discount if you belong to a group like AAA or a motorcycle club or the NRA
6- Do insure all of your cars with one carrier so that you can take advantage of the multi car discount.
7- Do ask about package discounts car and home.
8- Do pay the premium upfront or every six months to get a discount if you make monthly payments use your checking account to save money on the fees associated with using a credit card.
9- Do agree to receive documents online versus snail mail.
10- Do you find out if you qualify for any discounts like defensive driving course is good student if you have a B or better or low mileage less than 5000 miles per year.
11- Do tell the agent you have an alarm system.
12- Do tell the agent you have a vehicle recovery device, if you have one.
13- Pay any small collection accounts before getting an insurance quote that should save you money because the better your credit is the better your Rate is.
14- Make sure you tell the agent you own a home
15- Do always get at least one quote from an independent agent especially if you currently have a captive agent such as state farm Allstate or farmers.

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