Goodwill Car Donation – Where can i donate my car for a tax deduction

By | November 25, 2014

Your car donation helps Goodwill generate cash to provide personal and family services, education & training and so much more. Goodwill helps local neighborhoods recycle and re-purpose, lending a hand to the less fortunate. Goodwill’s reach spans from community support, to international aid.

Do something good for yourself — while helping others. Get a great tax deduction, with a vehicle donation program that IMPROVES how your donated car — or RV, motorcycle golf cart, etc. — looks and runs. This means a lower tax bill for you, and more money for those who benefit from Goodwill.

Answers questions such as:
Where can i donate my car for a tax deduction?
How do i donate a car?
If i donate a car is it tax deductible?