Home Plate, a film by Safeco Insurance (Short)

By | August 7, 2019

It’s a little known fact that Safeco Field actually has two home plates: the one on the diamond, and the one in the kitchen. Get the inside scoop on Safeco Field’s foodie nation, and the stadium’s signature “home plate,” with former Executive Chef Dave Dekker.

Safeco Field is home to the Seattle Mariners baseball team. It was also home to former Executive Chef Dave Dekker. When we met with Dave last May and asked him what he loved best about being the Executive Chef at Safeco Field, he said, “I get to play with my food.”

Dave’s “Dirty Tots” are the official second “home plate” of Safeco Field — and they’re one of Dave’s original dishes. Dirty tots start with golden brown ‘tater-tots, covered in cheddar cheese — shredded and sprinkled generously all over — fried pork belly (local, naturally raised pork belly), and a dusting of pickled banana peppers, cornstarch, and salt to top it all off. And according to Dave they made, “a combination that’s like a party in your mouth.”

Dave said he used to tell his team the same thing before every game, “Make sure you make it so everybody wants to eat a little bit more. So they just can’t push it away.”

It was no easy task to be the former Executive Chef at Safeco Field, but Dave used to thrive on the chaos. He said it kept him buzzing and kept things interesting. And while his job came with numerous challenges — orchestrating his people, planning out the logistics, organizing chaos — it was all in a day’s work.

Constantly rated one of the top ballparks in the country, Safeco Field and its staff are dedicated 24/7 365 to baseball. So for them, supporting the stadium you know and love is just second nature. For all of us here at Safeco Insurance, we’re proud to stand behind them.

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