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By | February 11, 2019

GEICO TV Commercial, ‘Kraken: It’s What You Do’

The only thing that could make golf remotely interesting…Commercials aren’t usually funny, but this one gets me every time.

About GEICO TV Commercial, ‘Kraken: It’s What You Do’

At a golf tournament, a golfer prepares to make a shot over the water. Just before he goes to swing, a kraken emerges from the water and grabs the golfer and his caddy, swinging them around with its tentacles. While all this is happening, the golf commentators continue quietly narrating the event. When you’re a golf commentator, you whisper — It’s what you do.

iSpot Review — August 18, 2015

Geico brings in the Kraken to continue its “It’s What You Do” campaign with this funny 30-second ad. Professional golfing events with media coverage usually have workers employed to keep the noise levels down. They can usually be found holding signs for people to cease talking, and that mobile phones should be tucked away on quiet. This is why golf commentators are usually whispering.

So when absolute chaos ensues when a Kraken appears from a water hazard, golf commentators stay true to what they do. When the mythological creature of massive proportions seizes a golfer and his caddie within its tentacles, they comment quietly on how his club choice may not be enough. Even when the crowd begins to disperse in a non-orderly, chaotic fashion in an attempt to flee the golf course, they’re still whispering. But it’s all done to drive home the idea that switching to Geico insurance is just second nature; it’s what you do.

It’s an arms race between the creative agencies that make commercials for insurance providers. Progressive, Allstate and Geico constantly do battle with each other, with each company having multiple spokespersons to appeal to different demographics. This Geico ad’s continuance on its campaign is in full steam, and does not look to be slowing down anytime soon.




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