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Winterizing Your Home Checklist

There’s no denying it: Winter is on its way.  Winterizing your home can help lower your energy bills, prevent bigger more costly repairs later on, and reduce the risk of accidents like a home heating fire. (Side note: That’s why having the right homeowners insurance can give you peace of mind, too.)  Ready? Let’s walk… Read More »

5 Common Problems Caused by Clogged Gutters

Raising a ladder to dig mud and leaves from your gutters never sounds like a fun job. But if you’re a homeowner, it’s worth the hassle. That’s because cleaning your gutters can help prevent anything from bees’ nests to a bad foundation. Your gutters and downspouts are designed to divert the flow of water away… Read More »

Jared Veldheer: NFL Digital Diaries – GEICO

Denver Broncos offensive lineman, Jared Veldheer, tells us about his crazy diet that keeps him in football shape. Subscribe to GEICO: Save money with GEICO today: RELATED VIDEOS: • Everything Sticks to Stefon Diggs’ Hands – •…