Three Questions to Ask When Getting A Cheap Car Insurance To Get The Best Deal

By | September 4, 2018

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Being a car owner involves numerous expenses. These include fuel bills, technical inspection bills, repairs, changing oils and liquids and last but not least, car insurance. Since car insurance is a big investment, you must carefully choose the insurance company.
Drivers must buy the best coverage for their cars and needs.

Before signing any contract, make sure to ask the next questions:
How many miles are driven annually? The annual mileage is extremely important for determining the risk profile and the adequate costs. Drivers with low mileage should check for low-mileage discounts and low-mileage policies.

What kind of coverage is needed? After purchasing the state-required minimum coverage, the policyholder can opt to increase safety level. Depending on his needs and budget, he can opt for Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Collision Insurance, Comprehensive Insurance, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance.

What is my risk profile and which discounts are available? Ask if you are classified as Premiums, Standard or High-Risk. Also, ask for all available discounts.


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