UK Car Insurance – How to get cheaper car insurance

By | February 17, 2018

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7:47 Can we do it now
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It can be a massive help if you do yoru research before renewing your car insurance policy and/or before ringing around for a car insurance quote.

By doing a bit of research you will be in a much stronger position to get cheap/cheaper car insurance.

Doing some research beforehand also gives you an idea if the price you paid last year is cheap or expensive.

If you find a car insurance broker you like and you are not quite where you want to be on price see if they can throw in some extras but you will need to know what extras are going to be of use to you, the insurance broker is not going to know!

Maybe you will be changing cars in the next year, maybe you will be adding an extra person to the policy, maybe you want a lower excess etc etc. Ask the car insurance company what if anything they can throw in to help you get a deal done.
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